BADEL Komovica ["Croatian grappa"] 6/1L

Product image 1BADEL Komovica ["Croatian grappa"] 6/1L
Product image 2BADEL Komovica ["Croatian grappa"] 6/1L

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Badel Komovica

["Croatian grappa"] 

Badel Komovica is a brandy obtained from selected grapes of the Benkovac region, distilled and aged in the traditional way. Com is the raw material that remains after wine processing. This way we get a superb taste and an intoxicating wine aroma. An exceptionally drinkable taste is guaranteed by the traditional process of fermentation and distillation.

Komovica is produced in the same way as Grappa, and the difference between them should be sought only in the climate of maturation and, of course, the name.

It is best consumed chilled.

Alcohol percentage 37.5%

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