BADEL Medica [Acacia Honey Brandy w/Chestnut] 6/1L

Product image 1BADEL Medica [Acacia Honey Brandy w/Chestnut] 6/1L
Product image 2BADEL Medica [Acacia Honey Brandy w/Chestnut] 6/1L

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Badel Medica

Medica is a traditional Croatian liqueur, also known in some regions as medenica, medovača or medovica.

Badel Medica owes its unforgettable taste and unique aroma to the combination of two types of natural honey. The combination of the most valued type of honey, acacia honey, and chestnut honey with a characteristic and slightly bitter taste, gives this unique liqueur a distinctive honey smell and taste.

Badel Medica is produced from the highest quality types of honey, those from acacia and chestnut.

It is consumed chilled, as an aperitif or digestif.

Alcohol percentage 24%

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