STAMPAR Grasevina 6/750ml


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Brand: Stampar Grasevina
Varietal: Quality dry white wine, I00% Grasevina grapes
Region: Medjimurje, Croatia - sandy clay soil
Alcohol: Ale. 12.0 % by Vol.
Size: 750mL 
Color: Transparent, greenish-yellow hue 
Taste: Stampar Grasevina is dominantly fruity with flowery character. Blood peach notes, crispy acidity, and mineral expressions.

Grasevina is the most planted variety of white wine grape in Croatia. It is said that every fifth vine in Croatia is Grasevina. The plantation of this white wine grape variety is most abundantly carried out in the region of Medimurje County which covers the plains between two rivers - the Mura and the Drava.

The vines of Grasevina excels in dry and hot climates with warm soil temperature. The dry sandy clay soil of Medimurje are exceptional for this late harvesting grape variety and its young and fresh style. It is excellent as a great start of a meal, as a chilled aperitif drink and companion to summer foods like clams, oysters, salads, mildly cured meat and mild cheeses. The winter climate of Medimurje is brutal. When the temperatures drops below 0 °C degree Celsius, grapes will freeze on the vines resulting in adored golden drops of sweet Ice Wine.

Many international acclamation, diplomas and awards attest to the art and excellence of the Stampar white wines, rose wines and recently the first sparkling accomplishments.

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